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Our Favourite Restaurant

I first came to your restaurant 5 yrs ago with my then boyfriend now husband and since, as a family. The food is fantastic. The best Tapas we have ever had.

I love it!

I loved it. I've been there for my birthday. Twice. Why? Because I loved it. I've had the meatballs, the squid and potatoes. I really enjoy going there with my family. There are some really nice people there! Thanks, Javier. :)

Recommended Dishes Nothing specific but you'll love anything from the tapas menu!

New favourite restaurant!

"I can't remember the last time I went to a restaurant and everyone spent 20 minutes just talking about how good the food is." This is a quote from one of our party after our brilliant meal at Picasso's. The food was amazing (we had the Tapas), the service excellent and the atmosphere extremely pleasant. I would thoroughly recommend Picasso's to anyone looking for a great restaurant in Reading or Caversham.


My husband and I shared a fantastic meal at your restaurant, beautiful food, lovely wine and wonderful service. Thank you very much! We look forward to coming again.

Picasso is great!

We went to the restaurant today to celebrate my daughter's birthday and the food was outstanding. The service was also good.

Per dish the price is more expensive than somewhere like La Tasca but the portions are a lot bigger. Have a maximum 2 dishes per person and if there's any leftovers ask for a doggy bag (we always do!)

Recommended Dishes Tortilla, Gambas (a must!), Calamari, Whitebait, Paella

What can I say?!

I have many words and even more sounds like mmmmmmmmmmm and aaaaahhhhhhh but I must say I have always been disappointed with Tapas in Reading.. Until I came to Picasso's! Service has always been as important as the quality of the cooking and you excel in both. Thanks to a fabulous evening, I now know, hands down, where I am taking my girlfriend for an amazing Christmas meal. Thank you

Good food!

I love coming to this place. The food here is great e.g. fillet manchego or Tortilla are good examples. The owner is a cool guy that will make every effort to make you feel comfortable. Definitely a place to go if you want to have a good Spanish meal and enjoy lunch/dinner out.

Recommended Dishes Fillet Manchego, Tortilla

Best place for Spanish food in Reading!

Food is very tasty, full of flavour. Warm and friendly atmosphere. Very friendly staff.

Recommended Dishes King Prawns (Gambas)


I have eaten here several times and never been disappointed. You have got to try the king garlic prawns to start, 1 portion is enough for 2 to share!!! The staff are very quick without being intrusive and the Vino Sol flows freely! All in all, love it!

Recommended Dishes Gambas & the lamb

Absolutely Gorgeous

I've eaten in there quite a few times and for a Spanish family run Spanish restaurant I find the food to be authentic and full of flavour. I found the staff to be kind, courteous and welcoming and the overall atmosphere of the place friendly and cosy.

Recommended Dishes Gambas


We always have a laugh in there. The staff are brilliant, the food is tasty and the general atmosphere is very relaxed and cheerful.

Recommended Dishes Beef Stroganoff, Paella

Worth a visit

It's a shame that the front of the restaurant could possibly turn you off from ever visiting... Glad I decided to give it a try, the tapas is quality (you'll need max 4, if there's 2 of you) The inside is better than out.

Recommended Dishes King Prawns (Gambas)

A family run restaurant offering a warm, friendly atmosphere.

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